Corro Saddle

A corro saddle is a special part used by gutter guard installers across Australia, there are many manufacturers of corro saddles. We have a massive range of corro saddles to choose from.

What is a Corro Saddle?

It’s a piece of steel that’s used to clamp down the gutter mesh onto your corrugated roof. It acts a bit like a washer, to spread out the screw pressure so the gutter mesh isn’t torn during installation. Also corro saddles help press the mesh down onto the low parts of the corrugated roof sheet.


On corrugated roof sheeting, there’s approximately 12 roof ribs per metre, and corro saddles are used on every second roof rib. So you normally need at least 6 saddles per metre of gutter guard.

In some more complex areas like valleys and corners, more saddles are used.

They’re called saddles because they are shaped similar to the saddles used in horse riding. They “saddle” the corrugated roof ribs.

The term “corro saddle” has been used by gutter guard installers since the early days. Famous gutter guard inventors, like Michael Sichel and Thea Groom of Leafbusters used corro saddles way back in the day.

There’s currently many different suppliers of different brands of corro saddles in Australia and New Zealand. Corro Saddle technology has even been exported to USA by various Australian gutter guard operators.

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